Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home

Old dogs need love too.

Old Souls is moving from Yuma AZ to Waco TX on Feb 4, 2020! We are looking for volunteers to make the drive with us so we can drive straight through (it will be about 20-25 hours).  We are looking for someone with a truck and trailer to haul our livestock! If you can help, please call us at 928-362-2364 and get signed up! 

Let us know if you have a truck and livestock trailer that you are willing to drive, rent, or let us borrow, a van, an RV, or a crew cab pickup truck to help transport the dogs and cats, or if you just want to volunteer to drive in one of our vehicles with us! We have about 50 animals making the trip so we need all hands on deck. If you always thought about volunteering at Old Souls but never got around to it, or you just want to see beautiful Waco, TX, now is your chance - All of your travel expenses are tax deductible!

We are moving to Texas in February and need your help. We are looking for people to make the drive with us, either as an alternate driver, an extra vehicle, or people with tricks, RV's, supply trailers and/or livestock trailers that can help us transport animals. If anyone would like to adopt any of our animals or some chickens, please get in contact with us. You can find out more information about the move in our Facebook video announcement. We will have having a moving sale every weekend in January. There are lots of pet supplies, cages, pens and furniture still available. Please feel free to stop by the sale to make a purchase, a donation or just to say goodbye. Thanks so much Yuma for the support you have given us!



It's our mission to give animals a dignified end of life.


Old Souls Animal Rescue is Moving!

  • We would like to have volunteers here in Yuma to help us load  U-Haul on Saturday, Jan 25th 9am - 1pm.
  • We also need volunteers in Yuma on Saturday, Feb 1st 9am - 12pm to help us with last minute moving activities.
  • We also need volunteers in Waco, TX on Feb. 3rd at 12pm to help us unload.

All volunteers must call us at (928) 362-2364 to sign up for volunteer dates up to 12 hours before the times listed.

Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home is located in sunny Yuma, Arizona.