Old Souls is private property. Entrance is by appointment only – no exceptions. All outdoor areas are monitored by video surveillance. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the property at our discretion.

  • Must be 16+ years old to volunteer without adult supervision (Ages 16-17 MUST have a parent/guardian sign the New Volunteer form waiver)
  • Kids 12-15 years old can volunteer, but ONLY with direct parent supervision (max 2 kids per adult) and a parents signature on the waiver
  • If kids do not meet the requirements, please consider meeting us during out Old Souls Family Days (October-April)

  • Closed Toed Shoes or Boots (no flip flops or sandals)- NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor work
  • Water bottle and snacks


  • Volunteers must attend a Volunteer Orientation, complete the New Volunteer Form and sign a waiver prior to volunteering.

  • Sign in EVERY TIME when you come to the Old Souls Hacienda, and sign out when you leave, regardless of the reason for your visit. The Sign-In Sheet is on a clipboard inside the front door.
  • The Old Souls Hacienda is an animal rescue, but it is also our home. In order to maintain a schedule for the animals, as well as some level of privacy for ourselves, we require that you have a set schedule or make an appointment every time you visit. Our Volunteer hours are 8 am- 6:30 pm on the weekdays and 8 am - 2 pm on Saturdays. We do not allow volunteers, visitors, or guests on Sundays.
  • If you come to the Old Souls Hacienda to volunteer, then we expect you to work while you are here. Check the daily, weekly, and monthly task lists to see which tasks need to be completed. 
  • Keep all gates on the property and all doors between the house and the yards closed at all times. Do not let the animals escape, and do not let the animals move between animal enclosures. Animals are not allowed through ANY gates or doors. 
  • No firearms are allowed inside the Old Souls Hacienda unless you are a law enforcement officer. Please lock them safely in your vehicle. 
  • No smoking, drugs, or alcohol are allowed on the Old Souls property. You will not be allowed on the property if we suspect that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You may not bring your animals to Old Souls when you volunteer or visit. 
  • DO NOT park on the street in front of the Hacienda. You MUST park in the driveway.
  • ALWAYS look under and inside your vehicle for animals before driving away.
  • Volunteers are expected to treat the animals in our rescue with care and compassion. Because of their conditions and special needs, do not pick up any of the animals without first being instructed in how to do so. 
  • When entering the Old Souls Hacienda, please follow the guidelines of “No touch, no talk, no eye contact” until all the dogs are calm. 
  • You will be given specific instructions for your Volunteer tasks. Our protocols change based on the needs of the animals so even if you have volunteered previously, ask for instructions before starting your activities. The feeding protocol changes weekly. 
  • When walking around inside or outside the Hacienda, be aware of animals in front of you and behind you since they may be a tripping hazard. DO NOT sit down without checking under the blankets and pillows first. 
  • We have established protocols with our veterinarians to care for all of the needs of our animals. If you have concerns about their condition or well-being, or you would like to participate in their treatment, please talk with Old Souls staff so we can provide you with proper training and information. Do not ever provide any type of training or physical or medical treatment to the animals without permission from Old Souls staff. Do not contact veterinarians, trainers, or other animal care professionals on behalf of Old Souls.  
  • If you notice something not quite right about an animal, notify Old Souls staff immediately. 
  • The dogs are not allowed table scraps, people food, snacks, or dog treats of any kind for any reason, unless authorized by Old Souls staff. 
  • Animals are not allowed in the pool area unless supervised on a 1 adult:1 animal ratio.
  • Equines and chickens are not allowed in the house. 

Required Gear



Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home runs completely on the help from our amazing volunteers- and we want YOU to be a part of this! Impact the lives of many animals- including dogs, cats, goats, pigs, tortoises, guinea pigs, bunnies... and so much more! Volunteering at Old Souls Animal Rescue & Retirement Home is a great way to be a part of something great. 

Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home

Old dogs need love too.