Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home

Old dogs need love too.

The Yuma Jaycees is hosting their 2nd Annual Mud Volleyball Fundraising Tournament on Aug 4th! Knowing that funds are always low for Old Souls in the summer, they gave us a challenge - If we can raise $1000 for our rescue by Aug 1, they will allow us to have an Old Souls team in the tournament! Who wouldn't want to see Team Old Souls covered in mud?! I would think everyone in our neighborhood would be in on that!

So we are asking you to do a couple of things:

1. Donate so we can reach $1000 and have an Old Souls team in the tournament. Just click the Donate button on our Facebook page. All proceeds will go toward medical care for the geriatric and hospice animals in our rescue.

2. Form your own 6 person mud volleyball team, and sign up for the tournament so Team Old Souls can kick your butt. Sign up by emailing jayceesyuma@yahoo.com. The registration fee is $150.00 (ends Aug. 2). The funds raised during the event will all go to the Yuma Jaycees.

3. Attend the event so you can see where the new home of Old Souls will be! It's the land to the south of the Yuma Jaycees Clubhouse. The Yuma Jaycees will have food, drinks, fun, and lots of mud to enjoy!

Mud Volleyball Tournament 

August 4th, 2018